James T. Burr Acupuncture


I've struggled with a Traumatic Brain Injury for 48 years. Chiropractic care helped with spasticity, but Neuro-Acupuncture helps a whole lot more. My spasticity is way, way lower, enough that I can now pick up aluminum pop cans without denting them. I have better balance and motor control and my thought process is also better.

Mark Burris


I could not say enough good things about Jim and his acupuncture services. He is professional, courteous but also very caring and really wants his patients to improve and walk away better than they arrived. My Husband has also seen him and seen great results with stress and with headaches. He is great. Thank you!

Dorae Lande


I got horrible tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome when I first opened my shop. Just one treatment here and I'm already doing much MUCH better! Thanks Jim!

Angie Carozzo


I've had such a good experience with doing acupuncture here I started going because my depression and anxiety was just horrific and I could not get myself out of that headspace, so I started doing this and it's helped so much. I used to have panic attacks multiple times a day and was unable to cope or function with my depression and though I do still get depressed and anxious, I'm able to pull myself out of it. Everything is far less severe. Jim is absolutely awesome and really thorough when asking about what's going on with my health. I've always felt very comfortable at the office it's a super positive place for me. Everyone that works there is really friendly and they're usually joking around with us when we visit. I would highly recommend this place for someone who has never done acupuncture before and might be a bit nervous about it!

Josey Carozzo